Light installation, Henning Krautmacher and the choirs "Grenzenlos" and "Gospelcologne" to sing along on the Domplatte

The Cologne Cathedral and the Roncalliplatz will be the venue for various artistic events on the upcoming New Year's Eve, all of which signal one thing: the people who come there can become an active part of the program.

When designing a cultural framework program, it was important to me that people would be able to participate in the presentation themselves. And this has been achieved in a very unique way,

said Mayor Henriette Reker, about the fundamental goal of the program.

Before the renowned light artist Philipp Geist commences the multimedia light event "Your Word for Cologne" at 5pm on Roncalliplatz in front of the west entrance of the Cathedral, the choir "Grenzenlos", aided by co-initiator Henning Krautmacher, will invite all to take part as they perform from the top of the steps to the Cathedral, to celebrate New Year's Eve "cheerfully and safely" in Cologne. This choir is formed of members of the youth choir St. Stephan and the group "Lucky Kids", along with young refugees aged between 14 and 25 years. They have practiced internationally known pop songs under the direction of Michael Kokott and have already successfully performed together. They intend to send a clear signal for harmonious coexistence in English, German, and "Colognish", as well as the native languages of the singers.

Afterwards, the multimedia light production by Philipp Geist will commence, for which hundreds of Cologners have submitted word suggestions to in recent weeks.

Mayor Henriette Reker expresses her sincere thanks to all contributors:

The citizens of Cologne are involved in the project, they will actively design the area during New Year's Eve.

The visitors to the Domplatte can look forward to a playful and relaxed show with a unique twist, as all the pictures, words and concepts will be projected on to the ground and the facades. The visual aspect is enhanced by ambient sounds, which accompany these projections and light effects. The lighting installation will continue until the early hours of the New Year 2017.

For an hour, the small stage in front of the Cathedral belongs to the choir "Gospelcologne", between 10.30pm and 11.30pm, accompanied by those who want to spontaneously join in or who have recently improved their vocal skills in a small workshop (free registration at The choir "Gospelcologne" specializes in international gospel songs. In addition to the core choir team, its two soloists, and the internationally renowned gospel star Tyndale Thomas from Liverpool, Cologners of any age who are interested in taking part in this extraordinary production are cordially invited to do so.

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