As part of a comprehensive assessment by KPR Cologne, all Cologne prevention networks were listed and evaluated in order to obtain an overview of the existing prevention landscape in Cologne. This was the basis for the current formation of expert groups on security issues. Often, the aim is to bundle existing expertise in the respective expert groups in order to identify needs across organisations and to be able to develop and implement adequate measures. The process is constantly monitored and adjusted as necessary by resolution controlling.

Expert groups are focused on the subject matter and are formed from representatives of crime prevention committees, round tables, prevention projects and other important protagonists. The management of the expert groups is the responsibility of deputies of the city of Cologne or heads of directorates of the Cologne police. The frequency of meetings is determined by the respective expert group.

Since 2020, two expert groups have been established:

Expert group "Places with special need for action"

On 4 September 2020, the first "Places with special need for action" expert group was established. Its members include representatives of the City of Cologne, Cologne Police, AWB, RheinEnergie and KVB under the leadership of the city manager. The expert group meets every six months and as required and deals with all needs for action, acute, medium and long term, concerning Cologne's mission-intensive locations, such as Neumarkt or Ebertplatz.

In the respective working groups (such as the "Neumarkt working group" or the "Ebertplatz working group safety, cleanliness and order"), a so-called "Local Agenda" is developed with concrete measures to significantly improve the quality of stay for citizens and businesses at Neumarkt and its surroundings.


Expert group "Senior citizens"

Despite the high level of awareness of the so-called "grandchild scam" or "fake policemen", crimes against elderly citizens are constantly on the rise. The damage amounts to millions. The establishment of the expert group “Senior Citizens” aims to prevent these crimes in the future with the help of further preventive measures.

The expert group includes representatives of the City of Cologne, Cologne Police, Cologne Welfare Associations, Social Enterprises Cologne and the Cologne Senior Citizens' Representative Council. In future, the expert group will meet twice a year under the leadership of the Councillor for Social Affairs, Health and Housing. The constituent meeting took place on 13 October 2021.

Expert group "Prevention of extremism"

The expert group is currently being set up.