The Centre for Crime Prevention and Security (German: ZKS) was established in January 2019. The centre is a modern and innovative hub for security and prevention in the city of Cologne as well as for the internal security of the administration with about 20,000 employees. The cooperation with networks and the coordination of specialised topics always have the support of experts from the scientific community, which ensures a high technical quality.

The Centre for Crime Prevention and Security is basically dealing with three main topics:

Cologne Council on Crime Prevention

Close cooperation in the field of crime prevention between the administration, police, judiciary and civil society groups has existed in Cologne since the 1990s and is lived and actively developed both through diverse law enforcement partnerships and in everyday cooperation. Examples of this are the Ringe law enforcement partnership (German: OPARI), the Cathedral joint contact point or also the Cologne's House of Juvenile Justice. In addition, Cologne has numerous prevention networks, crime prevention councils at the municipal level and the Cologne Security Conference, which was set up in 2004.

The establishment of a Cologne Council on Crime Prevention (German: KPR Köln) is based on the mutual desire of the Lord Mayor of the city of Cologne and the Cologne police commissioner to create a body that deals with security-related prevention work from a city-wide perspective.

The KPR Köln works with the Cologne Security Conference and supports the crime prevention councils in the nine city districts. In turn, these form the basis for the KPR Cologne with regard to district-related prevention topics. It is at the same time the steering and decision-making body for the strategic orientation of the established expert groups.


  • Expert groups
  • Networking
  • Citizen participation

Prevention projects (for example:

  • "German Prevention Day" specialist congress,
  • "Against Violence in Football" publicity campaign,
  • "Mobile with Safety" action day)

Security management for employees of the city administration

The Security Management department deals with the preventive protection of employees and buildings of the Cologne city administration against violence and assaults. We develop tailor-made offers for staff security, offer training and further education on violence prevention and develop standards, concepts and strategies to provide fast and uncomplicated help to affected colleagues and at management level. The Centre for Crime Prevention and Security is regularly represented in working groups, expert groups and committees in order to maintain an exchange with cooperation partners and other departments.


  • Central reporting and information system on risks to employees (German: ZeMAG)
  • Silent alarm
  • Consultations, inspections and comments
  • Training offers
  • Cooperation with network partners

Research, Development, Strategy and International Relations

The Department of Research, Development, Strategy and International Relations deals with international cooperation and the integration of science in relation to crime prevention issues. This involves close cooperation with the universities regarding crime prevention and security, for example in the planned citizens’ survey on citizens’ perception of security. An exchange with universities, technical colleges and national as well as international partners is intended to ensure a procedure that corresponds to the state of the art.


  • International exchange
  • Projects in cooperation with the Cologne University of Applied Sciences